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Fun Things To Do In Spring!

by / Friday, 17 April 2015 / Published in Bowling

Are you looking for fun things to do in Spring?  It was 65 degrees on your drive into work this morning. The birds were chirping. The sun was shining. The trees were budding. Your nose may have been itchy from all of that pollen! There’s no doubt about it… Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner in Wisconsin.

On top of all that good news, it’s also Friday. The weekend is almost here! And, believe it or not, we have more good news in store for you today. We’re have just released the 2015 short season Spring/Summer League Menu here at Super Bowl!

Short season means that you can bowl all summer and still have time for your favorite things. Even better, when you’re a part of spring/summer league bowling at Super Bowl, you get FREE open bowling every week that your league bowls!  What an excellent opportunity for inexpensive entertainment that will keep you busy.  Who knows, maybe by the end of the summer you'll be ready to turn pro.  After all, you can bowl unlimited games of open bowling for FREE, every day, as long as lanes are available.  

We have something for every age and skill level.  Please visit the Leagues tab on our website for more details on specific programs.  Get out, get active, and build new friendships in one of our exciting spring league programs today!

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