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Bet you didn’t know this about New Year Celebrations

The history of the New Year can be traced back almost 4000 years ago to the Babylonians.

The Babylonian New Year Celebration lasted for eleven days.

Each day had its own particular mode of celebration, but it is safe to say that modern New Year's Eve festivities pale in comparison.

Traditionally, it was thought that one could affect the luck they would have throughout the coming year by what they did or ate on the first day of the year. For that reason, it has become common for folks to celebrate the first few minutes of a brand new year in the company of family and friends.

Parties often last into the middle of the night after the ringing in of a new year. It was once believed that the first visitor on New Year's Day would bring either good luck or bad luck the rest of the year.

So to continue the tradition of spending the first minutes of the New Year with families and friends, why not plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve at JB's on 41.

We have great bowling, food and beverage to spare. We'll party til' we drop with Galactic Bowling with laser lights, fog, disco lights, and great music to dance to.  The galactic party starts at 10pm.  For only $14.99/person for two hours of unlimited bowling and shoe rental you can't go wrong.  Plus, we'll also have champagne bottles, hats, and noisemakers available to start the year off right.

You can also upgrade to Suite 41 for your New Years Celebration for only an additional $3/person.  (Min. 4 per lane) ($25 deposit required)

Call us today at 414-281-8200 and continue the tradition

And Have a Happy New Year