Bowling lessons

we call it bowling 2.o

Completely new to bowling? Or you're considering a bowling league but need help learning the basics? Super Bowl provides bowling lessons for all ages to teach beginner skills!

  • Learn the language of bowling
  • Apply techniques
  • Get taught by a coach 
  • Practice for 4 weeks
  • Get a new worksheet each week

Our next Bowling 2.0 session starts soon.

Bowling Lessons | Bowling 2.0 | Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center | Appleton WI

educational video lessons

Learn to bowl online with our latest video series, Strike Talk with Tim!  Designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced bowlers, you'll learn the language of bowling and gain skills, such as how to find the right ball, with our resident expert and pro shop owner, Tim Mathe. Subscribe on Youtube to catch the latest episodes.