New Scores?


What if every time you bowled a strike, you earned 30 points? And what if every time you rolled a spare, you earned 20 points?

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But these are the actual changes being discussed right now in the bowling world.

As we’ve discussed previously in our blog, bowling experienced massive popularity from the 50s through the 80s. If you missed it, read about it here. Officials of bowling international governing body would like to make bowling popular again – and they’re willing to do anything to get it, including changing the scoring system.

One key step to bringing back the heyday of bowling is getting it accepted as an Olympic sport. To do so, the scoring system would need to be much more exciting. Right now, in competitions around the world, bowlers compete for a cumulative score, so no one knows the winner until the end of the competition, which might be two or three days after the first ball is rolled down the lane.

A proposed change to competitions is to pit players against each other in a group format, each playing for each frame. Whichever team wins the frame would get one point, and the first team to six points wins. Each game would be much shorter, and could be then turned into “matches,” where each team must win three games (much like tennis) in order to win the match and advance through the tournament.

The biggest obstacle to these radical changes, however, is the love that bowlers have for the 300. With no perfect score to work towards, bowling loses its value for many professional players.

These changes might be closer than you think, though…A group is scheduled to make a handful of proposals at an executive board meeting in December. And, lest you forget, we’re already in October!

For all you traditionalists at heart, don’t worry too much about the impending shake-up. The scoring change is only being discussed for top-end bowling. It would be a long time before we see a scoring change like this at JB’s on 41.

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