Not Just Living the Dream But Chasing It

Now that National Black History Month is coming to an end, we would like to take this time to highlight the only active African American Bowler to have won a national PBA title, Gary Faulkner Jr.

Born October 18, 1990, this 10-pin bowler from Memphis, Tennessee was first introduced to the game by his father at the tender age of 2, and at the age of 5 entered the TNBA, The National Bowling Association, junior bowling program.

As time progressed, while in secondary school, Gary begin traveling nationally, winning the National Junior Gold Championships, earning an automatic berth on the 2012 Junior Team USA.

The talented athlete attended Webber International University where in 2012 he anchored the men’s team to an intercollegiate team championship win. He was deemed the 2013 ITC men’s most valuable player.

In 2013, Faulkner made his first professional television appearance. In 2015, he won the major title at the Rolltech PBA World Championship.

Mr. Gary has had an exceptional career, a bright future ahead, and is still blazing his path toward the “Bowlers Hall of Fame” for African-Americans all over the world.

We at Bardon Bowling Centers believe bowling is an inclusive activity, and we’re always excited to see bowlers from all walks of life participate! We create friendly, fun, and safe environments for people to connect, play, and mingle.