Sensory Overload - Super Bowl | Appleton WI

Sensory Overload

Extra, Extra, read all about us…… the Greenfield Patch and Milwaukee Business Journal  Keep your eyes peeled for a feature article at

Or you could just watch Cheryl, our Director of Sales & Marketing on the Morning Blend on TMJ 4 on Monday November 26th at 9am.  Of course you could also watch Real Milwaukee on FOX 6 on Wednesday November 28th at 9am to get a live view of the new center and see a bowling roll off with Tony Clark 

If you are a sports fan you can listen to Dave Kash, General Manager of JB's on 41, on WSSP 1250 Sports Radio.  The segment will run live for 5 minutes or so with Steve "Sparky" Fifer at 9:48 am Sunday, November 25. You can also hear more about us from Steve "Sparky" Fifer all week starting on Monday November 26th. 

We will also be featured on Radio Milwaukee 88.9 starting on Monday November 26th.

JB's on 41.  A feast for the eyes and ears!  Now get down to the Grand Opening November 29-December 1. Take in all of the food, fun, games, prizes, craziness, and all around good time!   Millions of bowling fans can't be wrong.