Bowling Tournaments

tournament lineup

Super Bowl hosts both sanctioned and just for fun tournaments throughout the year in our 48-lane bowling center. Check back here to see our upcoming tournament lineup and more info on how to sign up.  Bowling tournaments are great for bowlers looking to level up their game.

We are proud to have hosted the Wisconsin State US Bowling Congress Youth Championship Tournament in 2019! We welcomed many new faces. Teams and Doubles played at our fun center, many landing scholarships, making friendships and lasting memories.

Tournaments | Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center | Appleton WI
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HAve your own tournament

It's easy to host a tournament at Super Bowl with many styles to choose from. Contact us to set up your tourney!

  • Baker Style: Got a big group? Form a team of 5. You'll each play 2 frames, allowing for quick play and possibly even quicker score turn-around
  • 9-Pin Tap: Always leave one hanging? Never fear! In this style, when you knock 9 pins down, and that counts as a strike in 9-pin tap
  • Scotch Doubles: Want a new spin on team building or bonding with others? Each person plays half a frame, with the 2nd bowler recovering the 1st throw