Virtual Reality AREna

Virtual Reality Arena | Indoor VR | Augmented Reality | Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center | Appleton WI

be the first to experience VR a whole new way

Super Bowl Family Entertainment center's new virtual reality arena is like nothing you've ever seen. In fact it's the first of it's kind in the state of Wisconsin and you're invited to try starting Dec. 4th.

Experience ACTIVE VR without boundaries. Escape the day-to-day routine to discover a new world of pirates, zombies, and battles. Immerse yourself in a full action virtual reality experience.

Don't settle for "standing only" VR games! Move freely and at full speed in 360° without getting hurt. 

Family Virtual Reality | VR Arena | Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center | Appleton WI
Team Games Virtual Reality | Super Bowl Entertainment Center | Appleton WI

Play games in the arena with up to 3 teammates

Choose from 6 different adventures to share in the virtual reality arena with your teammates.  Elite Force, Dead Zone Zombies, Core Defense, Blackbeard, Hardpoint, and Paranormal.

Sign up in the built in registration area with 10 touchscreen pads. Access recorded gameplay video to share/brag on social media about your adventures.

Enjoy a pre- and post- game show recap of the fun.

Give us a call at 920-739-9503 to find out more.

Virtual Reality Arena Games | Super Bowl Entertainment Center | Appleton WI

win cash prizes up to $2000

Weekly and monthly cash prize contests on different games.  Imagine escaping for awhile in a pirate world and end up earning some cash to boot!

All scores are updated in real time on the Omniverse site. Winners are notified by email and sent cash to their paypal accounts.

Enter with different players on your team to win big!

OMNI VR Arena | Super Bowl Entertainment Center | Appleton WI

no standing in line - easy sign up

Sign up for a Virtual Reality session in the arena and we'll give you an approximate time until it's your turn to play. Then we'll text you 5 minutes before it's your time to play.

 Stick around and watch other adventures unfold on the 11 TV screens or step into Sluggers Sports Bar & Grill to enjoy a delicious meal or a specialty beverage. Call us at (920) 739-9503 to find out more about Super Bowl Entertainment Center's bowling times, arcade and virtual reality, and delicious food and beverage specials!

VR Player | 360 degree movement |Super Bowl Entertainment Center | Appleton WI




Dec. 4th