super bowl has the best youth leagues

Bowling is america's #1 participation activity

Want your child(ren) to learn a lifetime sport? At Super Bowl, they'll be coached by professionals, from beginner to advanced skills. We're proud to teach kids of every age and ability.

Bowling provides 3 million dollars every year in scholarships to high school seniors, often based mostly on participation and not simply talent. No one rides the bench in bowling.

Fall 2021 youth leagues | Fall 2021 Junior leagues | Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center | Appleton WI

youth leagues forming this fall

Get your child involved in our upcoming leagues! Contact our league coordinator at (920) 739-9503 or by filling out our league form.

We have youth leagues for every age and ability! Please register before the first day of bowling. Registration dates: Friday, Aug. 27th from 2:30-5:30pm,  Saturday, Aug 28th from 11am-2pm, and Sunday Aug. 29th from 3:30-6:30pm.


Many Super Bowl's youth leagues are USBC certified, giving kids a chance for scholarships. We'll pay for youth bowler certification when your child completes the spring season.

  • Youth bowlers get recognized with individual and team awards throughout the full season, such as Honor Scores in local papers, banquet, and tourneys
  • Get access to USBC-trained coaches with free Saturday morning coaching (fall-winter)
  • Youth bowlers get sweet savings on open bowling including free bowling during the summer and discounted shoe rentals
Youth Bowling