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super bowl has the best youth leagues

Bowling is america's #1 participation activity

Want your child(ren) to learn a lifetime sport? At Super Bowl, they'll be coached by professionals, from beginner to advanced skills. We're proud to teach kids of every age and ability.

Bowling provides 3 million dollars every year in scholarships to high school seniors, often based mostly on participation and not simply talent. No one rides the bench in bowling.

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youth leagues forming this SPRING

Get your child involved in our upcoming leagues! Contact our league coordinator at (920) 739-9503 or by filling out our league form.

We have youth leagues for every age and ability! More competitive youth bowlers are welcome to join the Hot Shots Sport Challenge, for kids 11-17. 

Kids 3-8 are invited to Pin Pal Leagues, and Minor Leaguers are for ages 6-17.

Families bowl together in our Two for One and 10 for $10 adult/youth leagues.


Many Super Bowl's youth leagues are USBC certified, giving kids a chance for scholarships. We'll pay for youth bowler certification when your child completes the spring season.

  • Youth bowlers get recognized with individual and team awards throughout the full season, such as Honor Scores in local papers, banquet, and tourneys
  • Get access to USBC-trained coaches with free Saturday morning coaching (fall-winter)
  • Youth bowlers get sweet savings on open bowling including free bowling during the summer and discounted shoe rentals
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